Blood Tests Save Lives & Money

Pets can't tell us what is wrong

Lab test results help us pin point causes behind your pet's symptoms quickly. Test results lead us to accurate treatment sooner, helping your pet feel better.

Results help diagnose issues today and serve as a baseline for future trend analysis.

Think of test results like the gauges on your car's dashboard, helping understand key indicators of well being.

Typically, Advanced Care provides results while you wait. Many diagnostics and lab tests are done on-site.

With results in hand, we help you evaluate treatment options.

Blood Testing For Pet Disease, Saint Cloud, MN 7 Days a Week
Accurate Blood Analysis While You Wait!

Prompt Results & Proper Treatment

Like humans, as pets age they are prone to similar diseases including: diabetes, kidney and liver disease, heart disease, cancer, hypo thyroid (low thyroid hormone level) and hyperthyroid (high thyroid hormone level).

Comprehensive blood tests are included with Advanced Care Pet Hospital surgeries. Results are stored with your pet's health record, serving as reference future exams.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Blood Cell Counts evaluate the number and type of blood cells in circulation. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are evaluated.

Blood Chemistry and Electrolyte Tests

Often called an organ function test, chemistry and electrolyte tests survey many of the organ systems of the body in order to make sure they are working properly. Blood chemistry identifies the levels of the following:

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