Digital X-Ray

Fast, Affordable, Non-invasive Inside View

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Advanced Radiology Suite for Pets

Digital Radiology

Advanced Care features computed radiography offering more detailed images than film radiography.

Digital X-ray images are processed in seconds and allow further enhancement if needed. When needed, images can be emailed to experts for further analysis.

With traditional film, poor exposure or improper chemical balance can render films unreadable. Techs must take another x-ray, developing more film and increasing x-ray exposure for your pet.

Advanced Care Digital X-Ray means less time and less stress for your pets while in radiology. It's safer for our staff, making Advanced Care a more pleasant place to work.

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals X-Rays

Our radiographs submitted to the OFA follow the American Veterinary Medical Association recommendations for positioning. This view is accepted world wide for detection and assessment of hip joint irregularities and secondary arthritic hip joint changes.

OFA radiographs from Advanced Care Pet Hospital are submitted electronically along with and appropriate paper work completed. Computer images can be easily shared with clients at much less expense. We help numerous breeders with their OFA work.

Digital X Ray St Cloud MN
Sample image from Advanced Care Pet Hospital X-Ray unit

Better Medicine Begins with Better Diagnostics

With a sick pet, one can’t wait or take guesses. Our advanced diagnostic protocols helps Advanced Care staff move quickly from results, to accurate treatment plan alternatives.

Board Certified Radiology - Telemedicine

We can immediately email digital X-Rays and ultrasounds to Board Certified Radiologists for review.

Historically, local vets sent folks down to the University of Minnesota for Advanced Radiology. Today, Advanced Care takes the pictures here, then send them off to board certified radiologists for reading.

Results are typically received in 2 to 4 hours, less than the drive to the University. We do it at a fraction of the cost. We provide this service to area vets on a referral basis.

Telemedicine helps reduce distance barriers by improving access to medical services that would often not be available in small communities.

Diagnostic Experience as a Service

Dr. Gerds has 17 years experience diagnosing and treating pets just like yours. This experience enables Advanced Care Pet Hospital to quickly and professionally identify causes without unnecessary testing.

Dr. Gerds opened Advanced Care Pet Hospital, to provide you and your pets with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and experience available for your pet's care. This allows Advanced Care staff to quickly develop a treatment plan based on fact not fiction.

Diagnostic Integration

Diagnostic results are instantly added to your pet's medical record. Pet health histories include results from blood analyzers, our digital X-ray, our Ultrasound as well as external test results.

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