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Dog meets Porcupine Quills: Pet emergencies come in all shapes and sizes

Urgent Care for Pets

Advanced Care, an affordable emergency alternative weekend days!

Call en route if possible to alert our staff and prepare for your arrival. Our surgical suite includes emergency medications, 100% oxygen, digital x-ray and ultrasound, intravenous fluids and shock therapy, and staff trained in emergency procedures.

If you've NOT been here previously, or we're very busy, you may be referred directly to Blue Pearl (link) on weekends.

Save Money with Prompt Treatment

Prompt treatment may minimize the treatment required. In some instances immediate medical attention often means the difference between life and death. In other instances it saves a lot of money. If you value your pet's relationship, don't delay when they need help.

A recent example was a cat brought in which swallowed a needle, the thread it was attached to was hanging out of it's mouth. The needle was found on the X-ray and we promptly removed it surgically.

Often one end of string, dental floss or thread moves through the stomach into the intestines, while the other end remains fixed. In time the intestines get bound up. Eventually the string cuts into intestinal walls requiring extensive surgery to repair. Sometimes significant sections have to be removed if surgery is delayed. Prompt action on behalf of this owner easily saved her $900+ in added surgery and hospitalization fees.

After Hours Emergency Vet - Saint Cloud MN

Serving Central Minnesota with after hour Emergency Care for pets: Blue Pearl (link)

Phone: 320.258.3481. Address: 4180 Thielman Lane located behind the Bremer Bank Building.

Advanced Care closes at 5 pm Saturday & Sunday allowing staff to have time to be with families, recharge and rest.

List of Emergency Conditions

The list of symptoms below may help you determine if your pet needs prompt veterinary attention. NOTE: Symptoms often can appear together:

Heat Stroke

Over-exercise and hot temperatures can quickly lead to heat stroke for dogs. A digital thermometer reading of 105 or 106 is serious enough to warrant immediate attention HEAT STROKE CAN BE LIFE THREATENING so don't wait. Call us or the emergency vet immediately for directions.

Ingesting Possible Poisons

Call us or the (ASPCA Poison Control Hotline for advice: (888) 426-4435). The key to effective poison control is matching the correct response to the poison. Seek professional advice before taking action. Link to: ASPCA Animal Poison Control

This 24/7 hotline can quickly answer your questions for any animal poison-related emergency.There's a $65.00 consultation fee as of 2/1/2019.

Cuts & Scrapes

Many cuts and scrapes are superficial and just need a thorough cleaning and some anti-bacterial ointment. For deeper cuts, however, may require you to apply bandages and seek immediate veterinary care.

Broken Limbs

A broken paw or leg is a serious injury that needs immediate veterinary care. You may need to muzzle your pet prior to handling or transportation. Wrap the pet in a blanket or towel and seek medical attention immediately.


A lowered body temperature, pale gums, general weakness and cold paws are some common signs of shock. Causes range from serious illness to blood loss, hypoglycemia, severe diarrhea and poisoning. Keep the pet warm and seek medical attention immediately.

Click this link for useful information on common household hazards to avoid. Household Hazards to Avoid

Emergency Veterinary Clinic St Cloud MN
Ultrasound is a valuable, non-invasive tool for diagnosing illness.

Emergency Service Payment

Full payment is due at the time of service.

We accept most credit and debit cards, including American Express for your convenience.

If you don't have available funds, ask friends or family.

We accept Care Credit, a 3rd party payment provider. Apply online or by phone: Carecredit.com. Their 800 number: 800.365.8295.

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