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Fast, Accurate Test Results for Correct Treatment

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Advanced Heart ECG Diagnostics at our fingertips!

Treating Your Sick Pet Sooner so They Recover Faster

Pets can't tell us what's wrong. Time is of the essence when your pet is sick.

Advanced Care clients typically have their pet's test results available before they leave so we can recommend treatment before you go.

Our veterinary staff takes the time to discuss your pet's test results with you, helping you evaluate your treatment options.

Advanced Care Pet Hospital does most laboratory tests on-site and a few uncommon tests are sent off-site as needed.

Critical health data and test results are instantly part of your pets medical history. Our digital practice management system integrates results from blood analyzers, digital x-ray and ultrasounds.

A Google + Review from a happy client

Dr. Gerds is a skilled surgeon and amazing diagnostician.
When you consider the fact that our beloved pets cannot speak, you realize how important it is for your vet to be keenly aware of the importance of their actions and what you report regarding their symptoms.

Case in point: Abbie, my 10 yr. old high octane, yellow lab began being aggressive toward my elderly 4 lb. Yorkie. After observing Abbie for a couple of days in the clinic, Dr. Gerds prescribed thyroid medication for Abbie which eliminated the aggressive behavior. I know Dr. Gerds to be the most caring and loving veterinarian that I have ever found.

She, Tom and the staff have created a loving, helpful environment to deliver the ultimate in care for our beloved animal family. I travel from Fergus Falls to Sartell with my animal family to experience this and recommend her to many people that want to experience the same care.
Cindy Thernell, Google + Review
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Advanced Veterinary Radiology Suite: Digital X-Ray & Phillips Human Grade HD-7 Ultrasound

Tele-medicine for Board Certified Radiology

Digital X-Rays and ultrasounds performed at Advanced Care can be sent to Board Certified Radiologists for review soon after taken, for critical cases as needed.

In the past, veterinary clinics would send pet owners to the University of Minnesota for advanced, board certified radiology analysis. We perform this service here for a fraction of the cost.

Results are typically received in 2 to 4 hours, less than it takes to drive to the University. This service is available to area vets with patient referral.

When complicated or extensive blood work is necessary like allergy testing or specific Lyme levels, we overnight samples and typically receive results on-line within 24 - 48 hours.

Diagnostic Experience

Dr. Gerds has 20+ years experience diagnosing and treating pets just like yours. This experience enables Advanced Care Pet Hospital to quickly and professionally identify causes without unnecessary testing.

Dr. Gerds opened Advanced Care Pet Hospital, to provide you and your pets with the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and experience available for your pet's care. This allows her to quickly develop the appropriate treatment plan based on facts, not hunches.

Digital Radiology

Advanced Care digital X-Ray images are processed within seconds and can be further enhanced after capture.

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Human Quality Ultrasound, A Central Minnesota Veterinary First

Advanced Care Pet Hospital was the 1st veterinary clinic in the St Cloud region to use the Phillips HD 7 series ultrasound unit for pets, back in 2009.

The Phillips HD 7 ultrasound unit is typically found in human medical facilities. Ours has been tailored with special probes and software for pet ultrasounds.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create medical images inside the pet allowing Advanced Care to visualize internal organs, their size, structure and any lesions without surgery.

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In-House Laboratory

Full blood work for your pet is available on-site at Advanced Care.

Get fast and accurate results. In many cases, while you wait!

AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Advanced Care Pet Hospital provides accurate Blood Glucose results. The Abbott Animal Health AlphaTRAK Meter is calibrated specifically for the unique properties of animal blood and provides convenient, accurate blood glucose results with a very small blood sample size.

In the old days, testing outside of the laboratory was done with a hand-held blood glucose meter designed for humans, which can result in measurements that are off by as much as 39 percent.

By using the AlphaTRAK® Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Advanced Care Pet Hospital can conveniently obtain accurate blood glucose results in-clinic and reduce the overall timeand stress required to maintain a healthy diabetic pet.

A study was conducted to compare the accuracy of AlphaTRAK Meter and two human portable blood glucose meters against the reference method used by Antech Laboratories. This study concluded that:

The AlphaTRAK Meter results were statistically equivalent to the Antech results. The human portable glucose meters tested provided statistically different results.

Common Lab Tests:

We also use an outside Reference Laboratory for specialized blood or fluid tests. Tissues and biopsy samples are sent to our reference lab for further analysis.

Same day pick up for all tests and fast turn-around times are a matter of course for most specialty tests.

Tonometry - Advanced Glaucoma Screening

Tonometry measures intraocular pressure to diagnose glaucoma.

Glaucoma is caused by the buildup of fluid within the eye that does not drain properly out of the eye.

Abnormally high pressure can damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss.

Tonometry is the rapid and precise measurement of fluid pressure within the eye (called intraocular pressure). IntraOcular Pressure (IOP) is the pressure exerted against the outer layers by the eyeball.

Tonometry is performed using an instrument called the tonometer seen below.

The tonometer allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose potentially severe eye diseases in dogs.

Tonometry, Glaucoma Screening For Pets

Tonometry is also useful for identifying low IOP, which may occur with inflammation within the eye (anterior uveitis) or following intraocular surgery. Low IOP is also associated with dehydration.

Tonometry measures IOP by recording the resistance of your cornea to pressure (indentation). Eye drops numb the surface of your pet’s eyes and used with most test.

Electronic indentation tonometry is very accurate. The device is gently placed against the cornea. An outer ring flattens the cornea adjacent to the area of measurement allowing a free floating transducer to detect the transmitted pressure.The IOP reading shows on the unit's display.

Depending on the diagnosis several treatment options are available.

In the past, your pet had to go to a specialist for this special diagnostic service. Advanced Care is very happy to provide cutting edge technology here in Central Minnesota for you and your pet.

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