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Pet Allergy Care & Treatment

Advanced Care provides pet allergy testing and treatment. We can confirm if allergies are causing your pet's distress, identify specific allergens and tailor unique treatment plan for your pet.

Primary irritants causing allergy symptoms are found in the environment or the diet. Food allergies are common in pets.

Watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy rashes can drive people crazy during allergy season. Pets suffer allergic reactions as well. The most common signs of allergies in dogs and cats are itchy skin and ears. Excessive scratching, chewing or biting can be indications your pet may be afflicted with allergies.

Pets showing signs of allergies should visit a veterinarian.

Environmental Allergies

Environmental allergies are seasonal or non-seasonal sensitivity to tree pollen, weeds, grasses, house dust mites and mold spores, etc. Allergens are inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Symptoms include increased scratching, rubbing, licking and chewing, especially of the feet, face, ears and flanks, and inflammation of the skin. Dogs also “scoot” to relieve itching in the anal area.

Minimizing Irritants

To help pets with environmental allergies, keep pets indoors during dusk and dawn, the heaviest pollination times. Avoid walking through fields. Rinse the pet's feet with cool water after running through grassy or weedy sites. Keep lawns cut short. Bathe pets frequently with the medicated shampoos we carry.

Clean and vacuum often and remove old carpets or mats where dust mites gather. Regularly wash and thoroughly dry pets bedding. Minimize a pet’s exposure to mold by avoiding rooms with high moisture levels such as bathrooms and basements.

If you use Febreze for odor control, consider evaluating its use. Ironically, while helping reduce odor, Advanced Care has found many cats and dogs are sensitive to Febreze. This can apply to other strong household cleaning products.

When preventive measures fail to help, bring your pet to Advanced Care for testing.


Allergy evaluations help rule out other potential causes of irritation helping us create an accurate treatment plan. This may include skin scrapes to look for skin mites, ear swabbing for microscopic evaluation, cultures and blood testing.

Several diseases, such as Cushing's Disease or Hypothyroidism, can show up as skin or hair coat abnormalities. For some types of lesions, skin biopsies may be in order.

Food allergies are very common in pets. A food trial with a prescription hypoallergenic food is the best diagnostic method to rule out food allergies. After numerous tests, We discovered Biwabik, our yorkie-poo is allergic to meat!

Pet Food Allergy Testing

Your pet’s food can be the source of allergic reactions. Food allergy testing is based on an elimination diet trial. Your pet is fed specialized prescription hypoallergenic food formulas, which isolate various ingredients in your pet’s food to find the combination that works best for your pet. During the elimination diet trial, it is important to only feed your pet the prescribed food. In addition one must restrict the variety of treats offered as well. Your pet’s favorite treats may also contain allergens, and this could negatively impact the test results.

Blood Tests for Allergies

Blood testing for allergies have come a long way since the old fashion skin tests. Blood tests are cost effective and less stressful than the old skin tests. Today's tests identify a broad range of specific allergens affecting both cats and dogs. Targeted treatment plans based on your pet’s test results help relieve symptoms.

Pet Allergy Treatments

Our veterinary team will create an effective treatment plan specific to the allergens identified as the root cause of your pet’s condition. Treatment involves desensitizing your pet to the allergen, by using oral drops or injections. You can administer both oral drops and injections at home. In the event of a food allergy, we will recommend a pet food formula appropriate for your pet.

It is good to remember that even pets without food allergies can benefit greatly from a skin support diet as it will promote a stronger skin barrier.

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