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There are virtually an unlimited number of articles for you on the Internet about pet care. Here is our small contribution.

Our topics here have been reviewed and/or completely rewritten by Dr. Gerds.

We won't add any content that hasn't been read or reviewed by her. Frankly there's a lot of excellent content on-line and a lot of mis-information as well.

Fact or Opinion?

When surfing for pet care information, always evaluate the source.

Is it someone's opinion? Can you trust this person or source? Is it fact? What evidence is available to validate a claim?

Is the information from a site advertising something? What kind of ads do you see?

This is one of our "pet" projects, we're plugging away and adding content as time permits.

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Pet Topics in General

Following are a few general safety tips which apply to most all pets. Some of the Links below will take you to external web sites. Use your browsers "back" button to return.

Some dog and cat specific topics

Dog Topics

"Recollect that the Almighty, who gave the dog to be companion of our pleasures and our toils, hath invested him with a nature noble and incapable of deceit."
- Sir Walter Scott

Follow the links below to read more about Dog Care Topics.

Cat Topics

˜Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat.
If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
- Mark Twain

Follow the links below to read more about our Cat Care Topics.

Going Outside The Box

If your cat is urinating or defecating outside the box, follow the link to find some tips and tricks to help. When these fail, it's time to schedule an exam. A common cause of urinating outside the box is urinary tract infection which is very bad for cats.

Cats in a Carrier

The key to getting your cat into a carrier with minimal stress begins with some tips and training. Learn some secrets to getting you cat safely to the vet.

Info on PDF

Here are a few useful flyers and pamphlets from several reputable resources in PDF format. Today, most browsers automatically open PDF's without readers. Most folks have a PDF Reader needed to see these if you save them on your computer. The Adobe one is nice. You do not have to print these, you can simply read them, then close them.

The CEVA, & brochure onGetting Your Cat to the Veterinarian
Excellent! See below under the heading "Cat Topics" for more on this topic & a video

AVMA Brochure on Pet Euthanasia

Partnership For Preventive Pet Healthcare

Here is what the Partnership For Preventive Pet Healthcare recommends for your pets.

Canine Guidelines
Feline Guidelines

Minnesota Rabies Information

MN Board of Animal Health - Rabies Page

INTERNET PHARMACIES: Pet meds from the gray market

Buying your pets medication and health products from Advanced Care Pet Hospital is an investment in a community based, family centered resource.

We want to be here for you in the long run to care for your pet's health.

The money you spend locally helps community businesses grow and keeps our doors open so we're here when you need us. Your money is returned back into our community in wages, taxes and spending on local businesses and services like yours.

No 3rd party internet pharmacy cares about your pet or knows as much about you as Advanced Care does.

Online pet pharmacies claim to have the same medicine you purchase from Advanced Care Pet Hospital, however… products carried by online pharmacies frequently do not come direct from manufactures and it's not uncommon to read reports of repackaged medications.

We assure that the products purchased here are handled and labeled in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, they are not expired and are what the label says.

How The Gray Market Works

Many products sold by online pet pharmacies are purchased from veterinarians in what is described as "the gray market." These vets operate outside proper channels. Often instead of disposing of old, "overstock" or expired product properly they will resell it to online pharmacies.

Some very well known online pet pharmacies have been caught and fined for relabeling pharmaceuticals, selling expired product, and redirecting product from Asia and Europe to increase profit.

At Advanced Care Pet Hospital you receive a 100% manufacturer guarantee. Product sold from online pharmacies cannot offer this. Many online pharmacies offer warranties but they can't match the one we can. They only cover what they have predetermined is the "customary cost" of treatment.

Our practice was designed from the ground up to incorporate every convenient product and service expected from a full service small animal veterinarian in Minnesota.

Call our on-site Pharmacy For Quick Refills

When your pet needs a prescription refill, we're here to fill them, you don't have to go on-line to order. We have most commonly prescribed medications on-hand.

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