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Caring For People Who Care for Their Pets

Ensuring our clients have convenient and timely access to competitively priced medications for their pets is an important aspect of our veterinary practice.

Medications play an important role in helping cure the sick animal, relieve pain after an injury or surgery and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

Without these medications we would see higher mortality/morbidity rates, shorter lifespans, and degraded quality of life in our companion animals.

Advanced Care Pet Hospital maintains a comprehensive pharmacy within our practice and is able to quickly access any medication that is necessary for the care of your pet.

Additionally, because we are the prescribing veterinarian, we are able to ensure there is a direct link between the exam room and our pharmacy.

This means your pet will receive the right medication, at the right dose, in the right form as quickly as possible.

We will also be able to easily guide you on the medication's use as well as monitor its effectiveness.

Refills are easy too. Simply visit us or give us a call and we can either mail them to you or have them ready at your next visit.

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Advanced Care Pet Hospital, "Caring For People Who Care For Their Pets"